couple shoot in lodhi garden with guitar

Rajita + Anoop – 1st Anniversary

The story of Amita & Suraaj Photography began with the wedding of Rajita and Anoop. One year later, we got to shoot them again, on the occasion of their anniversary!

Rajita_Anoop_Anniversary-5431 Rajita_Anoop_Anniversary-5439 Rajita_Anoop_Anniversary-5440 Rajita_Anoop_Anniversary-5445 Rajita_Anoop_Anniversary-5455 Rajita_Anoop_Anniversary-5486 Rajita_Anoop_Anniversary-5493 Rajita_Anoop_Anniversary-5499 Rajita_Anoop_Anniversary-5517 Rajita_Anoop_Anniversary-5525 Rajita_Anoop_Anniversary-5534 Rajita_Anoop_Anniversary-5558 Rajita_Anoop_Anniversary-5585 Rajita_Anoop_Anniversary-5591 Rajita_Anoop_Anniversary-5594 Rajita_Anoop_Anniversary-5613 Rajita_Anoop_Anniversary-5643


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