Shilpi + Anshuman – Pre-wedding

The 1100-year old Dadhikar Fort was the elegant setting for an intimate couple portrait session with Shilpi and Anshuman. A pre-wedding shoot is a great chance for us to break the ice with the couple, and for them also to get more comfortable with posing for the camera. It was an incredibly fun shoot with the two of them, and with this shoot, we helped them come a little bit closer. 🙂

img_0466img_0412img_0386img_0416-copy img_0481 img_0483 img_0487 img_0601-edit-2 img_0686-edit img_0696-edit-edit img_0740-edit img_0765-edit-edit img_0800-edit-2-editimg_0875-copyimg_0815-copy img_0842 img_0993-edit-2-edit-2

We then took a flight to Visakhapatnam for the wedding, and shot in a couple more locations!



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