Love knows no reasons, no boundaries, no distance. It has a sole intention of bringing people together to a time called forever. Once you meet Shruti and Siddharth you know what real love is.  Their faith in love helped them cross many hurdles to come together to live this beautiful journey called love.6A8A0036raw6A8A0038raw6A8A0083raw6A8A0054raw copy6A8A0094raw6A8A9988raw6A8A9998raw6A8A0122raw6A8A0150raw6A8A0158raw6A8A0168raw6A8A0188raw6A8A0246raw6A8A0299raw copy6A8A0214raw coopy6A8A0346raw6A8A0422raw6A8A0460raw6A8A0483raw6A8A0494raw6A8A0498raw6A8A0520raw6A8A0525raw6A8A0411raw6A8A0538raw6A8A0576raw copy6A8A0581raw6A8A0587copy6A8A0594rawcol6A8A0573raw.jpg6A8A0648raw6A8A0755raw6A8A0770raw6A8A0825raw6A8A0845raw6A8A9886rawc collage 6A8A9922raw6A8A0444raw6A8A0440raw6A8A0428raw6A8A0427raw


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