Vartika + Rishi

The universe conspired to make everything fall into place for Vartika and Rishi, and they transformed from work colleagues to partners for life. We were chosen to cover their functions, and there were copious amounts of dancing, laughing and celebrating, and a few tears.

6A8A7086Day 1VaRi_3Mar17_ (83)6A8A7319Day 1VaRi_3Mar17_ (291)6A8A7271Day 1RGB_30676A8A7600Day 1VaRi_3Mar17_RGB_ (201)VaRi_3Mar17_RGB_ (174)VaRi_3Mar17_RGB_ (202)6A8A7824Day 16A8A7923Day 1RiVa_4Mar17_ (9) (1)6A8A8403vartika haldi (1)RiVa_4Mar17_ (75)6A8A8447vartika haldi (1)6A8A8331vartika haldi6A8A8336vartika haldi6A8A8407vartika haldi6A8A8410vartika haldi6A8A8502vartika haldi6A8A8556vartika haldi6A8A8621vartika haldiIMG_5230vartika rishi TaIMG_6684vartika rishi Tb6A8A8708vartika getting ready6A8A8855vartika getting ready6A8A8788vartika getting ready6A8A8847vartika getting ready6A8A8791vartika getting ready6A8A8742vartika getting ready6A8A8713vartika getting readyRiVa_4Mar17_T_ (14)RiVa_4Mar17_T_ (36)RiVa_4Mar17_T_ (258)RiVa_4Mar17_ (412)RiVa_4Mar17_ (581)RiVa_4Mar17_ (632)6A8A8866wedding 2RiVa_4Mar17_ (650)RiVa_4Mar17_T_ (401)RiVa_4Mar17_T_ (424)RiVa_4Mar17_ (742)RiVa_4Mar17_ (756)RiVa_4Mar17_ (785)RiVa_4Mar17_T_ (455)6A8A9034wedding 2RiVa_4Mar17_T_ (615)RiVa_4Mar17_ (880) 26A8A9290wedding 26A8A9192wedding 2RiVa_4Mar17_ (1473)6A8A9229wedding 26A8A9432wedding 3IMG_7009vartika rishi TbIMG_7014vartika rishi TbRiVa_4Mar17_ (1130)IMG_7089vartika rishi TbIMG_7109vartika rishi TbIMG_7084vartika rishi TbRiVa_4Mar17_ (1213)6A8A9557wedding 36A8A9560wedding 36A8A9615wedding 3RiVa_4Mar17_T_ (861)IMG_7177vartika6A8A9633vartika6A8A9697wedding 36A8A9751wedding 3RiVa_4Mar17_ (1659)


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