Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your work?

A. There are a number of terms like “traditional,” “candid,” “wedding photojournalism,” and “fine art wedding photography” being used in the wedding photography industry. What do these terms mean?

“Traditional” photography tends to be more formal, with an emphasis on posed group shots, with everyone looking right at the camera.

“Candid” photography is where images are captured of moments as they unfold, without any direction, posing or orchestration by the photographer.

“Wedding photojournalism” takes a more documentary approach, and aims at telling the story of the day. There is an overlap with “candid” photography, however not all candid moments tell a story necessarily.

“Fine art wedding photography” is closest to fashion photography, where the image is planned, lighting is controlled and the subjects are given directions by the photographer.

We’d like to believe that our work is a blend of all this, with the objective always being of capturing the memory in such a way that any time you look at the photo, you’re transported to that precise moment in time in vivid detail. We aim to give you photos that portray your memories in as aesthetic a way as we can. The primary photographers will be focusing on the bride and groom, and close family and friends. The secondary photographers from our team play a supplementary role and they will be taking care of things such as the stage group photos, and covering the guests. We understand that some of your guests have come from far away to be a part of your celebrations, and our team will try their best to make sure everyone’s covered.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves? What’s your background and for how long have you been in business?
A. Both of us worked in advertising before we started pursuing photography full time, where we developed an aesthetic sense and an attention to detail. We shot a common friend’s wedding for fun, and everyone loved the photos! After that we took up a few wedding assignments while still working full time in advertising, and after a few years of doing that we decided to give full time photography a chance, and here we are! We’ve been shooting professionally for more than five years now.

Q. My partner and I are not good at posing. Help!
A. For most of the couples who approach us, it’s usually the first time that they’re going to be spending such an extended amount of time in front of the camera, and they’re understandably anxious about looking unnatural, or being made to do overtly “filmy” and exaggerated “wedding poses.” Let us put your fears to rest. We’re looking to create an elegant and authentic record of your functions, and we won’t make you do anything that you feel uncomfortable with. You’ll still need to do a little bit of “posing”, but we’ll be gently guiding you to help you create “moments” that we’ll capture. When you look back at these photos, we promise that it will bring back vivid, joyful memories!

Q.What kind of services do you provide, and what are your charges?
A. Still wedding photography in the photo-journalistic/documentary format by Amita and Suraaj is our primary service. Apart from this, we also have photographer and video teams to take care of your traditional photography and video (traditional and cinematic) requirements.

Primary still photography

Wedding day photography by 2 primary photographers starts at Rs. 50000/- (Full day)

Half-day (approx. 4 hours) functions (engagement, sangeet, etc) by 2 primary photographers start at Rs. 30000/-

Smaller functions (2-3 hours) such as intimate mehendi ceremonies (with a maximum of 20 guests) can be covered by one primary photographer at Rs.20000/-

The rates may vary depending on your requirements. We know that weddings/functions rarely run as per schedule, so we do not restrict our availability to a certain number of hours. So give us a call, and we’ll figure out a realistic shooting schedule.

Secondary/Traditional Still Photography

Charges for secondary photographers start at Rs.15000/- per photographer. Once we have an idea of your requirements, we can figure out how many secondary photographers would be optimal to cover your functions effectively. We recommend a minimum of two secondary photographers for the wedding day.


Wedding films have evolved significantly over the past few years, and we offer smartly edited, contemporary films. Wedding cinematography packages start at Rs. 50000/- per day, and delivery includes a 4-5 minute trailer, and a 45min – 1 hr film.

Traditional video is also available on request, but this is something that we do not recommend.

Albums / Coffee-table books

Premium coffee-table books are available on request, and we highly recommend getting at least one printed. The memories we capture look the best when they’re printed. Printed albums are easier to share with the older generation, and to preserve for the next generation! Our photo-books are contemporary and elegant. Please ask us for a sample and we’ll be happy to show you.

The cost of the photobook depends on the paper quality, size of the album, and number of pages. For a rough idea, a 10X14in photo-book with 40 pages will cost approximately Rs.16000/-. We’ve found this particular size to be optimal, because it’s not so large that it’s unwieldy, and it’s not so small that it doesn’t do justice to your beautiful photos!

It takes approximately 2-3 weeks after payment for the album to be delivered. Full payment is taken in advance for the album.

Q. Do we need a conventional/traditional wedding photographer?
A. Our secondary photographers perform this role, and yes, they are absolutely required. The primary photographers will not be able to take the stage group photos, or cover all the guests, as they will be focusing primarily on the bride and groom, and close friends and family.

Q. Do you shoot both sides of a wedding?
A. Yes we do. We strongly feel that it is a waste of resources to have two separate teams covering different sides of the same wedding. This is why:

The narrative of the wedding will be incomplete for either team. For example, the groom’s side team might not have stills/footage of the bride getting ready, and vice versa.

Crowding. If there are two independent teams, at the wedding mandap/altar for example, that translates to at least 2 still photographers and 2 videographers from each team, which already means 8 people jostling to get their shot, getting in each other’s way, and blocking the view for the guests. The presence of just one team means that there is greater freedom to move and the guests can also enjoy the ceremonies.

Repetition of photos. Regardless of the skills of the photographers, there are going to be many photos that are similar, with maybe just a slight difference in terms of angle or timing.

Q. Where are you based? Are you open to travel for outstation weddings?
A. We’re based in Delhi, and we’re definitely open to travelling. So far we’ve shot in places like Alwar, Dehradun, Mumbai, Pushkar, Jhansi, Chandigarh, Nainital, Bangalore and Vishakhapatnam. It’s exciting for us to explore new places, especially if there’s scope for us to get some nice portraits with the couple!

Q. How and when should we book you?
A. Check out our Contact page and send us a message with the details of your functions. Include things such as dates, venues, timings, number of guests, and your requirements. It is important that the couple has seen our work, and is comfortable with our style of photography. We ideally prefer to meet the couple to discuss and clarify requirements and expectations, after which we will revert with an estimate and deliverable timelines.

We would recommend that you make your bookings at least 6-8 months in advance. Auspicious dates get blocked quickly, and talented professionals also get booked well in advance. So book soon to ensure that you have the most talented team to cover your functions.

Stills only: We take a 50% advance to block your dates. The final payment is to be paid on delivery of the edited photos.

Stills and video: We take a 50% advance of the total figure to block your dates. 25% of the balance must be paid on the last day of the shoot. The final 25% is to be paid on delivery of the edited photos.

Q. Will all the photos we receive be edited? How many photos can we expect to be delivered?
A. Yes, all images that will be delivered to you will be post-processed and colour-corrected. Our editing style does not involve very heavy image or colour manipulation. Photos will be enhanced in a subtle way, to look natural, yet vibrant. Please feel free to go through any of our posts to get a feel for our style.

The number of photos delivered will depend on the number of people shooting, and the scale and duration of the functions. Primary photographers will deliver a minimum of approximately 250 photos per day of functions, while secondary photographers will deliver a minimum of approximately 400 photos per day.

It is our responsibility to ensure that your functions are covered aesthetically and efficiently, and every attempt will be made to make certain that the narrative of your functions is complete.

Q. Do you hand over the unedited photos/ RAW files captured during the functions?
A. No we don’t. We shortlist, edit and deliver all good photos that we understand are important to the story of your functions. We don’t hold ourselves back from working on and delivering more photos than we committed, if there are images that we believe the couple and their family or friends would enjoy. Closed eyes, awkward expressions, and technical glitches are a few reasons for photos to be rejected and unusable.

Q. Will you be using our wedding photos in your social media channels and website?

A. Yes, your images might be used by us to promote and showcase our work on the Internet, in print, and in any other media. Just like you discovered (and hopefully liked!) our work, this is how other potential clients also find us. Shortlisted images will be shared with you before publication in any media, so if there are any images you might not want used, you have the opportunity to let us know. Please note that we retain the copyrights of all photographs clicked by us, as is practiced by almost all contemporary photographers in India and worldwide.

If you have any more questions, please get in touch and we’ll be glad to answer them!